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On this page you will find information on how to receive support for developing Web Services using the SOAP::Lite Perl module. Disclaimer: While the SOAP::Lite community and development team is happy to support any version of SOAP::Lite, it is recommended that you always use the latest version of SOAP::Lite because the latest version has addressed all known vulnerabilities and bugs.

Find support now:

Find Help


The SOAP::Lite development team highly recommends the O'Reilly book Programming Web Services with Perl, authored by Randy J. Ray, and the SOAP::Lite creator, Paul Kulchenko. Alternatively, you can find plenty of documentation online, including SOAP::Lite man pages, SOAP::Lite Cookbook, and The SOAP::Lite User Guide.

Mailing Lists

Before mailing the mailing list, you are encouraged to browse or search the SOAP::Lite User mailing list. If you are unable to find the answer to your problem there, feel free to post your question to that mailing list. The SOAP::Lite development team watches this list closely and if the community at large is unable to help, chances are one of them will.


Report a Bug
Even if software is 100% bug free, it is never perfect. If you have encountered a problem or a shortcoming with the current SOAP::Lite toolkit, you are strongly encouraged to submit a bug or feature request. Doing so will help the SOAP::Lite development team keep better track of all the potential changes we could make to the toolkit.

Note: Before submitting a bug, please make sure the bug has not already been reported before.

Known Bugs and Limitations

  • SOAP::Lite servers that use version 0.52 or earlier have security flaw. Consider upgrade or block unauthorized calls using on_action() handler:

    ->on_action(sub { die "Access denied\n" if $_[2] =~ /:|'/ })

  • Limited support for WSDL schema.
  • XML::Parser::Lite relies on Unicode support in Perl and doesn't do entity decoding.
  • Limited support for mustUnderstand and Actor attributes.

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