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Protocol Support

  • Supports SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2 specifications.
  • Includes XMLRPC::Lite, implementation of XML-RPC protocol on client and server side. HTTP, SMTP, POP3, TCP and other transports are available.
  • Supports UDDI publishing and inquiry API on client side. Check UDDI::Lite for details.
  • Demonstrated Interoperability With

  • Interoperability tests with different implementations: Apache SOAP, Frontier, Microsoft SOAP, Microsoft .NET, DevelopMentor, XMethods, 4s4c, Phalanx, Kafka, SQLData, Lucin (in Java, Perl, C++, Python, VB, COM, XSLT).
  • Transport Protocols

  • Provides TCP server implementation with non-blocking multiserver.
  • Supports Jabber transport.
  • Supports MQSeries transport.
  • Provides transparent compression support for HTTP transport.
  • Supports HTTPS protocol.
  • Provides proxy support.
  • Provides FTP client implementation.
  • Supports SMTP protocol.
  • Provides POP3 server implementation.
  • Supports M-POST and redirects in HTTP transport.
  • WSDL Support

  • Supports WSDL schema with stub and run-time access. Supports directive and short (tModel) service descriptions.
  • Attachment Support

  • Supports multipart/form-data MIME attachments.
  • Supports circular linked lists and multiple references.
  • Supports single/multipart MIME attachment (parsing side only).
  • Other

  • Includes XML::Parser::Lite (regexp-based XML parser) which runs instead of XML::Parser where Perl 5.00503 and up runs with some limitations.
  • Provides support for different XML Schemas (1999/2001).
  • Provides CGI/daemon/mod_perl/Apache::Registry/FastCGI server implementations.
  • Provides COM interface. Both SOAP and XML-RPC protocols are supported. Single dll (standalone [2.5MB] or minimal [32kB]). Works on Windows 9x/Me/NT/2K. Examples in VB, Excel/VBA, C#, ASP, JavaScript, PerlScript and Perl.
  • Includes mod_soap and mod_xmlrpc modules. Allows to create SOAP or XML-RPC server with a few lines in .htaccess or httpd.conf file.
  • Provides common dispatch model for SOAP and XML-RPC protocols.
  • Supports Map datatype (encoding of maps/hashes with arbitrary keys).
  • Provides IO (STDIN/STDOUT/File) server implementation.
  • Supports Basic/Digest server authentication.
  • Works with CGI accelerators, like VelociGen and PerlEx.
  • Supports blessed object references, arrays, and custom serialization.
  • Provides exception transport with custom exceptions
  • Supports Base64 encoding and XML entity encoding.
  • Supports XML header attributes.
  • Supports dynamic and static class/method binding.
  • Supports objects-by-reference with simple garbage collection and activation.
  • Provides shell for interactive SOAP sessions.
  • Supports out parameters binding.
  • Supports transparent SOAP calls with autodispatch feature.
  • Provides simple services deployment.
  • Includes tons of examples for SOAP and XML-RPC servers, client/server communications, UDDI access (publishing and inquiry API), WSDL access, integration with Inline module, full webservice search (UDDI+WSDL+SOAP) and others.
  • Has tests, documentation and cookbook to let you be up and running in no time.

  • © 2000-2003, Pavel Kulchenko. All rights reserved.