February 21, 2005

SOAP::Lite 0.65 Beta 3 Released

It seems like a million years ago that I really started to crank on SOAP::Lite development. It was a great summer. But then I had to go back to work, and as I suspected the time I had to work on SOAP::Lite evaporated. I have continued to work on it from time to time, but my release schedule has been horribly neglected and is hopelessly out of date. Tsk. Tsk.

But no more. I hope. Today I released SOAP::Lite 0.65 Beta 3 to sourceforge and CPAN. This is a big release as it introduces far improved support for WSDL.

The question is: is this release good enough from prime time? Good enough for production? In my humble opinion: yes. WSDL support is still spotty, but it is far better than it was. So by all means, install it and let me know if you encounter any problems.

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