October 26, 2004

SOAP::Lite 0.65 Beta 2 Released!

Wow, SOAP::Lite went from not having a release in one year, to having 2 in 2 weeks. This is a dangerous precedent to set, let me tell ya. But without further ado, let me announce the release of SOAP::Lite version 0.65 Beta 2. This release contains almost as many changes as the first, including some of the following:

  • Developers can now specify their own User Agent class for their SOAP clients.
  • DIME hooks have been added, assuring DIME support for this release - however, DIME is still not functional until needed patches are made to DIME::Tools.
  • Developers now have access to stub code generated from WSDLs. This code can be output to a file to help in debugging, and service generation.
  • One is now able to construct envelopes with null SOAP Bodies.
  • One now has direct access to the LWP::UserAgent class used by SOAP::Schema to fetch WSDLs. This is helpful if your WSDL requires authentication.
  • Documentation refinements including refactored README, ReleaseNotes.txt, and more.

View a complete change log of the release.

SOAP::Lite is growing and changing substantiall. We need your help in testing this very critical release, So please, download, install, and test out SOAP::Lite now.

Update: A bug was discovered in one of the unit tests causing some tests to fail if you don't have MIME::Tools installed. These failures are innocuous, but a new release (0.65-beta2.1) has been packaged up and is available for download.

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