October 05, 2004

SOAP::Lite version 0.65 is coming!

It has been over a year since the last release of SOAP::Lite. It is shameful, I know. But recent events have found me a little, how shall we say, "unemployed" and thus having a little extra time. I have been working like mad going through the bug list, and integrating a completely revised set of man pages and documentation, thanks to the generous writings of Randy J. Ray, author of Programming Web Services with Perl, and the contribution of Appendix B from the aforementioned book by O'Reilly. Many thanks to them. In any event, I am waiting on some final legalese from Oreilly, and when I get the final "ok" I will be checking my sources into CVS, and start my testing process. Read on to learn more about what features will be in the next release.

  + Made SOAP::Serializer->readable actually produce readable XML!
  ! Fixed bug 747312 - Made XML Schema 2001 the default schema
  + Added support for [almost] all XML Schema 2001 built-in datatypes
  + Added register_ns subroutine to SOAP::Serializer
  + Added find_prefix subroutine to SOAP::Serializer
  + Added use_prefix subroutine to SOAP::Serializer
  + Added necessary subroutinues to support wsdl2perl project
  + Added format_datetime to SOAP::Utils
  + Documented SOAP::SOM->parts
  + Added SOAP::SOM->is_multipart
  + Properly escaped characters to facilitate emacs syntax highlighting
  + Ran podchecker to validate all POD comments
  ! Fixed bug 749636 - changed a croak to a warn to enable socket
    timeouts in SOAP::Transport::TCP::Server
  + Added support for UDDI 2/3
  + Majorly revamped product documentation thanks to the kind
    contribution made by O'Reilly. Appendix B from "Programming Web
    Services with Perl" has been completely integrated.
  + Improved support for the serialization of arrays and complex types
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