February 11, 2004

DIME support is coming!

Domingo Alcázar recently contacted me about DIME support in SOAP::Lite. I respond to requests like these all the time, and flippantly replied, "no, SOAP::Lite doesn't support DIME yet. I don't suppose you want to implement DIME support... do you?" A couple weeks later, Domingo did his first informal code drop, and now the Perl community will soon have access to DIME-tools and built-in DIME support into SOAP::Lite. Once his code is integrated, I will issue a new release of SOAP::Lite post-haste. Read on for more of what will be in that release...

So far, this is what is in the CHANGELOG for the 0.65 version (most likely the version number will be different for a DIME-specific release).

  + Made SOAP::Serializer->readable actually produce readable XML!
  + Made XML Schema 2001 the default schema
  + Added support for [almost] all XML Schema 2001 built-in datatypes
  + Added register_ns subroutine to SOAP::Serializer
  + Added find_prefix subroutine to SOAP::Serializer
  + Added use_prefix subroutine to SOAP::Serializer
  + Added necessary subroutinues to support wsdl2perl project
  + Added format_datetime to SOAP::Utils
  + DIME Support!!

One thing that will be nice about this release is the introduction of code that will support the WSDL2Perl utility due out this spring... this gives the code some time to simmer and get utilized a bit before introducing any major new functionality.

Also, one of my biggest pet peeves will be addressed: SOAP::Lite->readable(1) will actually produce readable XML! Please everyone, contain yourselves.

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